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3 Way (Three Way) Link Building Service


One way to improve the ranking your website receives in a search and to bring more visitors to your site is a method known as 3 way link building. This is a somewhat more complicated system than other link building methods, but it is also the most effective of them all and worth whatever it takes to set up. It also has the advantage of being accepted by search engines, unlike the other link building methods which are no longer being calculated into the results of a search.


In order to start a 3 way link building concept for your website, you will have to know what that is in the first place. For starters, you will need to have three participating websites that all link back to one another. For example, you have website A and give your link to a similar website B that then passes their link onto website C, which then in turn sets up your link which leads right back to your website A. As long as this cycle is not broken, it will work with any search engine and will not be classified as a two way link, even though the outcome is the same and higher search rankings and more traffic is the result. In fact, more traffic will probably be the result because a total of 3 websites will be linked with one another and the more websites involved, the more traffic there will be.


In order to make 3 way link building work for your website, you will have to compile a list of sites that have subject matter relevant or similar to what is on yours. Once you have this list you should contact them, either through an email or even by calling them up should they have a contact number available. Ask them if they are interested in 3 way linking, since they will have to provide their link to another website that will have to post a link back to you. Some sites have sister sites or partners that they work with, and that would be the best place to start. When looking for sites to take part in 3 way link building with you, also do a search and see which are the top ranked websites in your field and then take a look at their link section. It is a good tactic to have those websites participate in 3 way looking, because that is the fastest and most efficient way to improve your own traffic and search ratings. Sometimes the successful sites sell links, this can be done, but make sure that they understand the conditions.


In order to make a 3 way link building system work for you, you will have to do some research and asking around in order to find willing partners. Once this is done, you will have to check on the links for the other two websites and also do what you can to attract people to your site and not rely on others completely.


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