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Directory Submission Service


One of the best ways to get good search engine rankings and so increasing valid hits and traffic is directory submission. This method may be efficient, but it is also somewhat complicated and is best done manually, which also means that it takes time to do. On the other hand, since it is approved by a real human working for the search engine you will also get an edge over your competition.


Directory submission involves many steps before actually being ready to be looked over for approval. There is no automated ways of directly submitting your website, so you will have to prepare everything yourself and this must be done right, because a human editor must be impressed by your submission in order for it to be accepted and submitted. Many owners of websites try for directory submission nowadays, so there is also a lot of competition and not everyone gets in. One way of increasing your chances of approval is to create a top website and to follow each and every one of the guidelines provided by the search engine.


Once you have developed an impressive website and have followed the rules for a directory submission, you will then have to start thinking about keywords and categories that would be right for your website. A directory submission needs to know your main category and the subcategories of your website and choosing the right ones is essential since each category has its own human editors who will know what they are looking for. If you choose wrong, it will be denied and you will have to start over again. In some cases it is wise to even submit only to a local or regional directory, for example, if you are in the real estate or gastronomy fields and are active in only a certain area. One way of knowing if a regional directory submission is right for you is to look it up, because if a region has very limited listings then the search engine is more likely to approve and enter your website into the directory. On the other hand, if the region is oversaturated with websites, your chances are pretty low and you will have to have a A+ website and exact keywords and categories to raise those chances.


Once the preparations are complete, you are ready to hand it over to the editors of a search engine to look at, such as those at yahoo or google. This is where the next problem arises. Due to the tremendous amounts of sites being reviewed for directory submission, you may have to wait a very long time for yours to be looked at. Some may never even be looked at! For those that think directory submission is important to the success of their website, they can pay a fee, usually a few hundred dollars, and then they have a guarantee of being reviewed within a few days. Paying money for a review should not be confused with acceptance, though. So always do the first few steps correctly so that you maximize your chances of submission into the directory.