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Email marketing covers a wide range of communications between companies and their potential customers. It is a direct way of marketing a product or service and any advertisements or information materials are sent in the form of an email. This form of marketing is becoming more and more popular and estimates show that hundreds of millions of dollars are spent by companies on sending out emails. Email marketing definitely has its advantages and those are what make this form of contacting potential customers so liked by businesses or organizations.


There are many benefits that come with using email marketing. For starters, there is little expense associated with it. You may have to pay for mailing lists or companies that do the mailing for you, but you will not have expensive costs like those that come with buying paper, printing ink, envelopes and postal charges. Since emails do not use paper, it is also considered to be environmentally friendly and a “green” form of advertising. The number of people that may see your email advertisement or message is also more than you would manage by sending out flyers or letters. The time needed for delivery of the email is also a lot shorter than with snail mail. The emails arrive at their destinations in second or minutes of being sent, so that is definitely an advantage for any business. Overall, email marketing is the least expensive form of sending information or advertisements to potential customers. On top of all that, it is even possible to determine if your emails are getting to the customers. There are many forms of tracking your emails and you will receive notifications of bounced emails, clicked links and even if someone has a so-called auto-responder which clicks through, but is not a person.


Just like with many other things, email marketing also has a downside. In this case, this is known as spam, which is the same thing as junk mail. Although not all companies send emails without permission, there are some companies that offer mailing services and do spam recipients. This is why many email providers now have built-in filters to block these mails, and then the legitimate mails are also stopped from reaching your inbox. Now there are also federal laws regulating spam and companies that violate this will be punished, so caution is needed when choosing a company to do your email marketing.


For the most part, there are four main reasons for a company to use email marketing. The one reason is to send emails updating current customers and to keep in touch with them, another is to gain new customers by contacting potential buyers, a third reason is to add your website links to emails sent by other companies and the last reason is to send out emails throughout the internet to catch as much attention as possible. Regardless of the reason, it is sure to help you be successful in your business venture. Since it is also so easy to use and cost effective, there is no reason not to take advantage of email marketing.