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On Page Optimization SEO Services


On Page Optimization is a technique by means of which your web page gets a high ranking on various Search engines like yahoo, Google MCN etc. On page factors are directly related to the content and structure of the website.


There are many forms of search engine optimization and one of them is the so-called on page optimization. This has to be done on the website itself and its goal is to make the website more noticeable to search engines so that they give it a higher ranking. There are a number of ways to make each of the web pages more noticeable to search engines. All of these should be used for best results. A higher ranking automatically leads to more traffic and business, so this is something very desirable.


When implementing the on page optimization technique in order to boost the page ranking of your website, you will have to first understand about search engine optimization and the importance of keywords. With the on page method, you will have to set up each page so that the keyword frequency is optimal, and that it is not repeated too often or too little. The amount of keywords for each web page of contents also has to be limited to only three or four. Should you need more due to various themes, then you will have to separate them according to the themes and also into different pages of content. Once the number of keywords and their frequency has been corrected, you should already be able to see improved search engine page ranking results. You can test out your progress on your own by entering your chosen keywords and then looking for your website on the result list. If the change is not much or not enough, you can still play around with keywords and phrases and try to make each page as good as possible.


Another way to go through with on page optimization is to also modify the URL of that page. The page locator should not be too long and should also contain at least one keyword that is relevant to that page and which will be picked up by the search engine. Not only is the URL important, but the title is also important, since that is another factor taken into consideration by the search engine algorithms. Along with a title, your page of contents should be broken down even further into subcategories with subtitles.


Keep in mind that when optimizing each web page you will have to use readable formats. This is usually HTML, since the search engines cannot search through other file types, such as PDF or Power Point. If it is necessary to use documents on the web page with a different format, then at least make up catchy titles which contain your keywords. Another thing to be considered is that too many links on each page will be seen negatively by the search engine and then you will be placed lower and not higher. You have to keep the number of links on each page under fifty. A search engine will also look to see how often links are repeated throughout the entire website. Once all this has been kept in mind, the on page optimization should be successful.


Features of On Page Optimization


Title Tag: This is an area in a web page where the text is placed that shows the title of the website on the very top of the web browser window. Search engines use title tags to make a link in search results.


Meta tag description: A Meta Tag Description is a part of web page coding that gives the basic description about the website. This should focus on the website because Meta tag description plays a very important role in web page ranking.


Meta Tag Keywords: Meta Tag Keywords play the similar role as meta tag description for highlighting the importance of a website.


Keyword Density: A particular percentage of keywords used on a web page are called keyword density. A keyword must be used in a web page from 2% to 8 % for good page ranking. This technique is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization.


URL Structure: If you want your website to rank well then your URL of website must be related to the context of the website.


Image Alt Tag : For getting higher rank it is must that you put alt tag for your image which help search engines to understand which related that image is.


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