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Effects of Link Building on Website Ranking

Posted on 31 July 2009 by admin

Many beginners or new webmaster who just join the internet marketing usually find it difficult to get traffic to their website and as the result they have to ask same questions again and again on different forums “How can I get traffic”? Getting traffic is the only main problem for every website. Traffic can be attracted from many sources but the most effective and best source of traffic is the search engine traffic.

Visitors coming from search engines are more targeted and also convert more than the normal visitors coming from different referrers. Now the question is how to get traffic from the search engines. If you want to get good traffic to your website through search engines then you must rank at good position in SERPS for your website keywords or key phrases. There are many ways to rank better in the search engines for your targeted words. The most effective and used widely is the link building method. Link building is considered the most effective way to rank higher for any keyword you want.

Link building doesn’t mean to get links to your website from different forums or sites etc. It actually means that you must get good links from different sites pointing to your website otherwise the link building method won’t show its full effect. If you are able to get some good quality backlinks to your website you will rank higher for those keywords in the search engines in no time the search engines will start sending you traffic immediately.

Now the question is “How to get links pointing to your website”. This step can be a bit difficult as you have to find some good websites that are willing to link to your website. Another method of getting quality backlinks for your website is that you can submit your website to different web directories like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory. You can also make some useful posts in different forums related to your website and place your website link in the forum signature. Forum signatures will send you both direct and search engine traffic. Link exchange is another method which is the best method because your website link gets placed on a website similar to your niche which is loved by search engines. Other less effective methods for link building are like blog commenting, buying reviews from different websites and buying links.

All new and many old webmasters use this technique to get some good traffic to their website and start earning within few months of developing their site. So if you want to give your website a starting big boost then you should not go for other techniques to get traffic to your websites. Just start with link building technique and slowly grow your website. Once you get into internet marketing and you think you have learned a lot about getting traffic from other sources then go and start getting traffic from other techniques.

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