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How to optimise your Flash Site

Posted on 16 October 2009 by admin

It is perfectly wrong to say that Flash is not SEO friendly. It is not a fact but a myth that Flash is SEO unfriendly. It is essential to produce approachable flash content for the search engines in order to maintain your online comportment and to attract traffic to your site. If you want to get most out of your important search engines then simply follow these

Flash Optimization Tips:

  • Adding SWF content to your HTML source

A brassbound method to warranty that a SWF’s subject is discovered and rated by the search engines in order to draw out the content and then place it into the page’s HTML source code. There are many tools available which uses SWF Object to engraft Flash like Dreamweaver is one such tool. Dreamweaver is the code view that exhibits the comments where you must add up your substitute HTML content.

  • Keep your URL unique

If your site is only a huge collocate of Flash in an HTML guide, then there are no chances that your page will refresh anyhow. Always give a different URL to single page of your site’s Flash content. This way every other page would have its own source title for the HTML page,”H1″ and the body contains the keywords that you desire to rate.

  • Plunge your source content

A one-page HTML which is a rich internet application (RIA) will not be SEO raised just by contributing the content for each portion of the Flash application into the HTML source code for the particular page. If you think that after doing this much, you will demonstrate any kind of extrusion of the content then you are wrong dear. This is because there so many in the competition and in the challenging terms.

  • Keep an eye on new initiatives

In order to make the Flash file format (SWF) search engine friendly and favorable, Adobe has been in work with Google and Yahoo. With this the search engines would be able to see and peek inside a SWF’s content and to exponent the content. Since the use of Flash Player technology by the search engines is in formulation, therefore one can’t trust on it as the only step towards optimizing your design for SEO.

  • Add text to your Flash applications

In order to heighten a simple Flash SEO, you should use Flash-generated text as creativity in terms of animation and display. You have another choice to do this through flattened bitmap. Keyword based messages are stored inside the Flash text which further helps in increasing the crowd of people towards it. Also add this text inside the HTML source code of the page.

  • Remember that search engine spiders hate pop-ups

Almost every one of us must have visited the sites that ask for the launch of Flash content into a new window. This helps the site in the way that their content is not copied or indexed by the search engines. As you know that the search spiders are not able to see them therefore, the pop ups are blocked by the browsers.

  • Get robotic help

Robots.txt is a plain text file which is present at the root of a server. This file commands the search bots that which content to be permitted or forbade when it imposes their website. When your Flash text is similar to your HTML version then you could easily set the Robots.txt file to dismiss the SWF content and only to allow the HTML content towards the search bots.

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