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How to Increase your Search Engine Ranking with SEO

Posted on 10 September 2009 by admin

For many peoples search engine optimization (SEO) mistry they don’t know how to get higher ranking with seo, so I have here to give you some guidelines in simple way’s so you can seo for your website without any problem. And you can make your dream come true of to earn good money in your online business. Most of people searching for goods and services on the internet and they find relative websites via search engines like google, Bing(MSN), Yahoo etc. So if you optimize your website for search engines and if you get higher rank than it turns into traffic and increase your sells what ever you offer.

If you have some time and you are ready to learn than here are some tips to get higher ranking in search engines.

Title Tag :

The title bar or tag is the colored bar at the top of the page. Look at the words that appear there when you access your home page. Most of search engines use them as your web page or site title these are just like a sign board of any shop. This is most important part of website in seo prospective. So if you want to increase search engine rankings than you have to include most important keywords in title bar. But make sure you will not do in Spam way and not longer than 50-60 characters. Avoid stop words id. Is, the, and etc. Do not repeat keywords.

Meta Description:

Now move on second most important part which called description of the page or meta description. It will not appear any were on page but you can find it source code. If your web site not have this than you can put this tag just after the title tag. In this tag you have to write good description about your site using your keywords once again do not spam this and try to make this about 250 characters. It’s very important part of your seo it gives information to search engines that your website and search engines categories according to that. This tag is invented purely for search engines not for humans so do not spam with keywords and make this much informative as you can with in word limit.

Meta keyword:

Search engines are not much including there consideration so I will not elaborate this topic to save your and mine time 🙂


For any website to get higher rank content is very important and content called king in seo. Many site are get higher rank without any seo due to there high quality content you can take example of . So you have to analysis your content of page very closely. You must use your desired keywords in your content. Use heading tags (h1,h2, h3….) for giving headings to your page you can easily control these tags size and font style and color via css. In heading tags try to use your main and most important keywords. After that make your keywords Bold or italic in content so search engine will know those are your important keywords for your site.

URL’s of your site:

It’s also very good practice in terms of seo that you will make your URL’s seo friendly. Now you will ask what is seo friendly URL’s. If you observe many site have page like or similar these type of URL’s are not easily indexable for search engines. So these type of URL’s are called non-seo friendly URL’s. So try to make your URL’s seo friendly like these types of pages are easily indexable as well as you can put your keyword in that your url like you can make your URL’s like if you are using CMC like Joomla, Drupel and Word press than you can manage these url’s via backend and if you are using your own custom design CMS or any thing similar to that than you can make theme via .htaccess .

Alt or image tags:

It’s good practice to give alt tag for your images as google or other search engines can’t able to read images you can explain them via using this tag. It will give you bonus point and it will help to get extra keyword density of your site.

These simple steps and changes by doing those you will got higher ranking for your site hope these will helps you your suggestions and feedbacks are appreciated.


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